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Unless you are living under a rock I'm pretty sure you have some form of password for something that you do in the online digital world.

It could be a Facebook passwords, or maybe you're paying your bills online. Maybe you have a password for your bank and another for your credit card.

If you use a password for anything on the internet then you owe it to yourself to understand a few things that can help make you more secure in your every day life.

Back when the internet first started catching its momentum it might of been okay for you to have a single password that you remembered and used for everything.

Those times are long gone. The internet is a magnificent place but it can also be a scary place if you don't know what you're doing.

Right off the bat let me just say that if you are using the same password for any of your sites then you are already putting yourself at risk of being hacked.

What does being hacked mean? 

Just like in real life there are people on the internet that are good and there are people that are bad. The bad people are often called "hackers".  These hackers have ways of trying to get into your computer and "hack" or steal your information. 

They even have software that is made to try and guess your password so that they can gain access to your accounts to pretty much do whatever they please.

So why make it easier for them by using the same password multiple times?

LastPass can help you protect yourself online across all your devices.

I have been using LastPass for years now and I have loved it from day one.

LastPass is a password manager that works across all platforms. (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS).

LastPass lets you come up with 1 password that becomes your Master Password. Then the software auto-generates long encrypted passwords for all your other sites that you need to come up with passwords for. LastPass takes care of that for you.

For example. I have multiple email accounts. Each email account of mine has a very long 30 character password that is a series of numbers, capital letters, lowercase letters, and symbols. Do I know what those passwords are off the top of my head? Not a clue. However, I know what my LastPass password is and that I have LastPass installed on every computer and mobile device I own so as long as I remember that 1 password; I don't need to remember anything else.

LastPass is FREE or if you want to use it on your phone it's $12 Per Year! Which is definitely worth it!

I will be writing more on LastPass but for now click on these links to learn more.




Go to and learn more.

You can also just go to YouTube and type in - LastPass in the search bar to see tons of videos and how-to tutorials that will get you started off on the right track.

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